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Each year money is raised by the generous contributions from the general public.

This money is collected by volunteers

We always need new volunteers - Poppy People - to assist with Poppy Appeal collecting in Portobello

Without volunteer collectors out there on the streets, without appeal organisers planning the collections, this great cause - that helps thousands of ex-Service men and women every year - would grind to a halt.

And we urgently need to recruit more people as many of our current volunteers are retiring from active duty. Add to this the ever increasing demand on the Legion's services and you can see we need your help more than ever.

Please be assured that it can take as little as a couple of hours every year.

Please contact  us if you are interested in helping.

The poppy is the symbol of Remembrance and of the Poppy Appeal. Poppy Collectors appear in late October so everyone can make a donation and wear their poppy for Remembrance.

The Royal British Legion is the nation's custodian of Remembrance, ensuring that people remember those who have given their lives for the freedom we enjoy today. The poppy is worn during the weeks leading to Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day

Poppy Appeal

Poppy Appeal